Walker swings his meat-axe at Wisconsin’s libraries

What would Franklin do?


Walker budget cuts target Wisconsin libraries
Materials sharing, Braille service are threatened
Jay Rath

Under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget, Wisconsin libraries would see their funding requests cut by more than $18.9 million in 2012 alone, threatening a wide variety of services, including those for job-seekers and the blind.

Here in the capital, “My goal is to keep all the libraries open with the same hours,” says Barb Dimick, director of the Madison Public Library. “We’re going to all be hurt.”

She resists commenting on the planned expansion of Madison’s central branch, noting the sensitive and uncertain political atmosphere, statewide and locally. “I am hopeful that this will go forward,” she says. “It’s under discussion and under consideration.”

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One thought on “Walker swings his meat-axe at Wisconsin’s libraries”

  1. Don’t know why there have to be so many things slashed in Wisconsin! Scott Walker gave big business all of those tax cuts, so that Wisconsin would prosper…
    What, it hasn’t worked yet?

    Scott Walker seeks to destroy Wisconsin, or at least the Wisconsin that has been enjoyed by the middle class. Of course, libraries are not on Walker’s list of priorities. They do not bring corporations to the state. They do not generate revenue.

    And they have resources available that might be used by the middle class or the poor, in order to educate themselves. That would not be good!

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