Walker struts, says he may ax workers even if the court keeps holding up his bill

This is propaganda by Wisconsin’s GOP, meant mainly to project the perfect confidence f winners. See, they won. Case closed! Let’s just “move on,” and let “the people’s will” prevail (even if the people really willed the opposite of what this fierce sockpuppet hopes to do).

In short, they’re trying to cast their total “victory” as inevitable, so as to weaken all resistance.

And so the only thing to do now is resist all that much more–by calling for:

1. A federal probe of Kathy Nickolaus’ recent antics; and

2. A mandatory statewide recount (which is the last thing Walker et al. want).


Walker: State Layoffs Could Happen If Anti-Union Bill Remains Delayed By Courts
Eric Kleefeld | April 12, 2011, 2:09PM

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) says layoffs of public employees could be on the way — if his new law curtailing public employee union rights reminds bottled up in court.

WisPolitics reports:

Gov. Scott Walker says he may have to again consider laying off state employees if his collective bargaining
law remains tied up in the courts for much more than the next week or two.

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