Truthout vandalized

Dear Readers,

Late last night, was attacked and our content over the past ten days was deleted. We’re working to capture the cache versions of those stories that are no longer available and republish them on our website.

You may find that some links will take you to “Page Not Found.” Right now we’re working to restore the vandalized stories.

We will update you as soon as we have more information, and hope to be back in full force very soon.

Thank you for your patience and your support!

The Truthout Team

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7 thoughts on “Truthout vandalized”

  1. Rec’d an email-They are back up and running! Cyber terrorism is a malicious and serious crime that the government seems to be ignoring, unless it attacks them!

  2. @Jillian Actually the government ISN’T ignoring it and tends to play up the fear mongering about it. Funny the first comment on this thread seems to be trying to do that.

  3. So let us turn around and start cyber-attacking the government! They may stop a few of us, but they certainly can’t stop us all! It’s not that hard to destroy infrastructure. We’re wired into enough of it…

  4. Divinity,
    Are you saying that Truthout was not targeted, or that it was not vandalism- BTW- Like your website…

  5. I can’t even get into the site. I get “connection timed out” or “server not found” message.

  6. Most likely it is the government that is behind these attacks, especially the NSA, using their Terrorist Snitches.

    What many people do not realize is that the NSA is so much more than domestic spying. They are a global terrorist organization, doing a great deal of domestic terrorism here at home.

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