The penny drops at last: Cap Times calls for federal probe, full recount in WI SCOTUS race

And while we’re at it, let’s recognize that this suspicious race is but the latest one of many that have long since set this country veering sharply to the right, despite the will of the electorate. It started with Bush/Cheney’s first “election,” and continued through the decade, and beyond, with state and federal contests rigged repeatedly.

“There is no need for a conspiracy theory,” this editorial notes below. Well, there’s never been a “need” for such a “theory,” as scores of US races have been just as obviously stolen as this one now. If only those decrying this one had been paying attention all along, they–and all the rest of us–wouldn’t be in this precarious position now.

So it is time for more than just a federal probe of this election, and a full recount of the votes. It’s time for an inquiry vastly larger and more radical than that–and then for a total overhaul of America’s disastrous voting system (and more).

We must:

  • Repeal the Help America Vote Act;
  • Get rid of all computerized voting systems, and go back to hand-counted paper ballots (as they’ve now done in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland);
  • Ban the participation of all private companies in our elections;
  • Make voter registration automatic on the 18th birthday of all citizens;

…. and that is just the start.


Scandal in Fitzwalkerstan: Federal probe, full recount required in high court race
Cap Times editorial

Suppose the Democratic governor of Illinois had proposed radical changes in how the state operates, and suppose anger over those proposed changes inspired a popular uprising that filled the streets of every city, village and town in the state with protests. Then, suppose there was an election that would decide whether allies of the governor controlled the state’s highest court. Suppose the results of that election showed that an independent candidate who would not be in the governor’s pocket narrowly won that election.

Then, suppose it was announced by a Democratic election official in Chicago that she had found 14,000 votes in a machine-controlled ward that overwhelmingly favored the candidate aligned with the Democratic governor. And suppose the Democratic official who “found” the needed ballots for the candidate favored by the Democratic governor had previously been accused of removing election data from official computers and hiding the information on a personal computer, that the official’s actions had been censured even by fellow Democrats and that her secretive and erratic activities had been the subject of an official audit demanded by the leadership of the Cook County Board.

Now suppose that the number of additional votes tabulated for the governor’s candidate was precisely the number needed to prevent the independent candidate from demanding an official recount.

One thought on “The penny drops at last: Cap Times calls for federal probe, full recount in WI SCOTUS race”

  1. We all knew what would happen with the election in Wisconsin; gotta love those voting machines that are owned and operated by the corporations–agreed, they must be banned!

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