“Tea Party” eyes unholy matrimony w/ “Christian” right to “win” 2012 election

Ralph Reed’s back, with a “Faith and Freedom Coalition”—“a kind of hybrid Religious Right/
Tea Party get-out-the-vote operation” planned for 2012, as Peter Montgomery reports below.

So, next year, they’re gonna party like it’s 2004, when “values voters” by the millions swept Bush/Cheney to a second term—or so we kept on hearing (and sometimes still hear) from the corporate media. That they kept saying it, however, didn’t make it true. That line was just an empty talking point devised by the top Christianists themselves. The actual data on that race made clear that (a) Bush/Cheney did not win again (having lost, in fact, both times), and therefore that (b) there was no vast Christianist turnout on their behalf.

And as with the “Christian vote” back then, so is it with the Tea-Baggers today. Despite the media’s relentless hype of the Tea-Baggers’ numbers, and the Baggers’ many seeming victories at the polls last year, there is no evidence of any real majority support for those extremists, and so no reason to expect that they will actually prevail next year (although they may sweep into power anyway).

While this Tea-Bag/Christianist alliance won’t command a large plurality, however, what it can do, and very likely will do, is provide some excellent cover for election fraud. I can already read the articles, and hear the punditry, proclaiming that the Tea-Bag/End-Times combination did it for the GOP, blah blah blah blah (and that Karl Rove once again deserves high praises for his wizardry at “getting out the vote,” blah blah blah). All evidence of rampant fraud and widespread vote suppression will be ignored, as usual, because the narrative of TeaBag/Christianist solidarity (and other handy tropes) will make such evidence (appear to be) irrelevant.

You heard it hear first.


Tea Party Jesus: Koch’s Americans For Prosperity Sidles Up to Religious Right for 2012 Campaign
By Peter Montgomery, AlterNet

Jesus, it seems, is a fiscal conservative. Make that a tax-cut-loving, labor-union-busting, supply-side fiscal conservative. How else to explain the presence of Tim Phillips, president of the Koch-funded Tea Party astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity, as a presenter at the Awakening conference sponsored by the religious-right group, Freedom Federation?

Now effectively in the employ of the libertarian David Koch, who founded Americans for Prosperity and chairs the board of its foundation, Phillips has deep ties to the evangelical Right, most notably with Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Rev. Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, who now heads a new entity, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Reed and Phillips go way back; the two were partners in Century Strategies, the political consulting group through which Reed played a role in the Jack Abramoff bribery scandal. Now, it seems Phillips is partnered with Reed and other Religious Right leaders in a much greater conquest: a merger of the Religious Right and the ostensibly secular Tea Party movement to create an electoral juggernaut that will determine the outcome of the 2012 Republican presidential primary.

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One thought on ““Tea Party” eyes unholy matrimony w/ “Christian” right to “win” 2012 election”

  1. Jesus, as anyone who has studied theology knows, was a leftist, who believed that the rich must give to the poor. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24)

    Luke 18:22: Jesus told the ruler who was rich but who had kept the commandments: “Yet lackest thou one thing. Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.”

    Won’t the Koch brothers and the “evangelical Christian hypocrites” be surprised to hear that?

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