Talk radio’s Nicole Sandler busted, jailed and MACED for trying to question Tea-bagger Rep. Allen West

This is America?

I say we call it “Kochistan.”


Talk Radio’s Nicole Sandler Arrested, Jailed After Rep. West’s FL ‘Town Hall’ [VIDEO]
By Brad Friedman

UPDATE: Finally released after night in jail, 3 hours in solitary & getting MACED by guards – all hours AFTER $25 bond posted

[UPDATE: She’s out. Finally. I just spoke to her. See fully story as she just told it to me in 4th UPDATE at the bottom of this article.]

My friend and colleague, talk radio host Nicole Sandler — who does her own show, Radio or Not weekdays from 10p-Noon in Florida, and is the regular fill-in for the nationally syndicated Randi Rhodes Show — was arrested at an insane town hall event held by “Tea Party” Republican Congressman Allen West (FL-22) in Fort Lauderdale last night.

Nicole is a good friend of mine (I was on Randi’s show yesterday with her to discuss the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election recount, as she was filling in again for Randi) and this morning,, which carries her show live at this hour, is running dead air. Her live U-Stream webcast channel is currently off-line as well.
I’ve been trying to reach her this morning, by text, phone, etc. but have had no luck so far. So, I am concerned and presume this means she was forced to spend the night in jail and may still be locked up.


Here is the video of the seemingly-psychotic West speaking at the event last night in Florida, as questions are hollered from the crowd, followed by video of Nicole, who is a constituent of West’s, being arrested for reasons not made apparent in the video…

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