Step by step, Wisconsin GOP is wiping out Milwaukee’s government (2 items)

Bit by bit, Scott Walker and his droogs are nullifying Milwaukee’s government.
It’s basically a slower version of what Michigan’s Rick Snyder did to Benton Harbor.

First, on April 12, Wisconsin’s Repub legislators overturned a city ordnance requiring
all employers to grant workers paid sick leave; and just today they came out with a
bill to lift the city’s residency requirement for cops and firefighters.

See the articles below. Also, here’s a press release from Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter:


Legislature votes to overturn Milwaukee’s wishes on sick leave
By: Shawn Johnson, Wisconsin Public Radio, Superior Telegram

Republican state lawmakers have sent a bill to the governor’s desk that would overturn a Milwaukee ordinance that requires all employers to grant workers paid sick leave.

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Assembly committee advances Milwaukee residency bill
By Jason Stein of the Journal Sentinel

Madison – A state bill that would lift Milwaukee’s residency requirement for police officers and firefighters squeaked out of committee Wednesday.

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