Standard & Poors pull off a dangerous hoax (2 items)

The Credit Rating Hoax
William Greider

Standard & Poor’s, the self-righteous credit-rating agency, has a damn lot of nerve. It provoked scary headlines by solemnly threatening to “short” America. That is, downgrade the credit-worthiness of US Treasury bonds unless Congress and the president oblige creditors by punishing the citizenry with severe budget cuts. What a load of crap.

The headline I would like to see is this: “S&P Execs Face Major Fraud Investigation, Take the Fifth Before Federal Grand Jury.”

News coverage on S&P’s credit warning typically failed to mention that Standard & Poor’s itself is in utter disrepute. It was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Wall Street deceitfulness that brought the nation to financial ruin. During the bubble of inflated housing prices, S&P and other rating agencies blessed the fraud-based mortgage securities issued by Wall Street banks with AAA ratings-deceiving gullible investors around the world and assuring bloated profits (and executive bonuses) for the greedy bankers. S&P provided cover for the massive scam that led to the crisis that sank the national economy.

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The real reason for the “negative credit” warning
by Cannonfire

Standard and Poors has revised the sovereign credit rating of the United States. We used to be stable; now we’re “negative.”

Futures fell from a 33-month high as Standard & Poor’s said there’s a “material risk” that U.S. policy makers may not agree on a plan to address long-term budget issues by 2013.

Translation: The revised credit rating is meant to push the administration and lawmakers into going after Social Security and Medicare. The right-wing now has an additional propaganda tool to push for draconian cuts in areas that will most hurt working and middle class Americans. You can already see how this move will play out.

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2 thoughts on “Standard & Poors pull off a dangerous hoax (2 items)”

  1. well, on the one hand, cutting funds for programs for the poor and jobless is the usual cruel and unusual punishment while granting the rich yet more tax cuts…

    but, on the other hand… according to the GAO (and the chinese fro whom bush borrowed $3 trillion), by 2013, the US may be unable to pay even the interest on its bush-doubled and obama-increased debt of some $16 trillion…

    check out stansbery of stansberry investments article on this. the truth seems to be that the US is rapidly approaching default on its debt… then it won’t take S&P to lower its standing… indeed, after that, when creditors come calling like a global collection agency… down it goes almost overnight. then run for your lives as the food riots and martial law will come to the USA…

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