So, it wasn’t 7,000+ votes for Prosser. It was 14,000!

Hey, why not 70,000? 140,000? 7 MILLION?

What’s the difference? No one’s really counting anyway.


14,000 Wisconsin Supreme Court Votes In Brookfield Not Reported Earlier

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (04/08/2011) – The statewide canvass currently underway in 72 counties has provided several swings back and forth in the vote totals for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. But a revelation announced yesterday afternoon in Waukesha County, where they say they found 14,000 votes that were accidentaly not reported, may be a game changer. The Kloppenburg campaign manager wants documentation of the discrepancy. Meanwhile, the county Dems Vice Chair is satisfied.

Thursday, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nikolaus released the official numbers showing incumbent Justice David Prosser received 92,263 votes in the county, while his challenger Joanne Kloppenburg had 32,758. That netted Prosser 7,582 votes when compared to the initial tally reported Tuesday night.

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4 thoughts on “So, it wasn’t 7,000+ votes for Prosser. It was 14,000!”

  1. By the end of next week, Prosser will have won in a landslide! Maybe by even more than the number of registered voters in the entire state…wait! That might be noticed, so they will revise it down to just the number of registered voters. It is all the pre-marked sample ballots that are being fed into those electronic voting machines…

  2. “Meanwhile, the county Dems Vice Chair is satisfied.” ?

    WTF !

    What kind of lamebrain, addled thinking is this? “The county Dems Vice Chair is satisfied” ?

    What the hell is this?


    Are we all brain dead here? An election is being stolen bigtime, and the Dems in the local county are “satisfied”? It sounds like they’re being paid off and they’re fine with the results since they’ve got their cut of the spoils or will soon be receiving a nice big check.

    All is well?

    This is bull shi_t.

    This isn’t democracy when elections are being stolen systematically so that rightwing extremist GOP Govenors can wreck and destroy their state governments in order to give big corporations, big donors huge tax breaks while balancing their budgets on the backs of the poor, the sick, the elderly who are on fixed incomes, and on the backs of the shrinking middle class.

    What a farce.

    Call it fascism! We live in a rightwing extremist corporate oligarchy. Our country is run by and for the 1% elite. The rest of us can go become roadkill on the highway after being rundown by their expensive SUV’s.

    (Or more realistically, sometime over the next few years those of us who object will end up getting shipped off to unmarked FEMA camps after some upcoming “natural disaster” –earthquakes in San Francisco/LA to shut down CA, and the “New Madrid Fault” causes part of the continental US to rupture up, etc. google it–happens that gives these thugs the “right” to declare total martial law and “throw away” roughly the 20 to 30% or more of the population that objects to suffering lowered standard of living on par with third world countries.) Naomi Klein is spot on regards to how the thuggish rightwing extremists will use “disaster democracy” to shut this country down in the very near future.

    Thanks Mark for posting this and for all the great posts you’ve done in the past about election fraud. If there was a heroes award, you should be awarded a purple heart for literary heroism.

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