Shutdown or no, GOP has “won” the argument, b/c the MSM is on their side (Thom Hartmann)

QED: What this country needs, along with radical election/campaign finance reform, is sweeping media reform ASAP.


With or Without a Government Shutdown – Republicans have Already Won the Debate
by Thom Hartmann

With or without a government shutdown, Republicans have already won the debate on our nation’s budget. Why? Because the corporate media is on their side.

Make the wealthy pay their fair share.

A budget shouldn’t just focus on spending cuts directed at the poor and middle-class – it should also include revenue raisers like closing corporate loopholes and asking millionaires and billionaires to cough up a few extra bucks a year. Let’s cut some wasteful spending, but let’s also raise a few taxes. But this common sense narrative has been lost inside the main stream corporate media – where there’s only one question that’s being asked today, and that is “how much spending needs to be cut?”

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The media glorifies the crazies! Everytime I hear them talk about Donald Trump and how he is a viable candidate, I cringe! Am reminded of the 60’s and ’70’s, when I attended every sit-in I could. Sad to say, it was not until violence erupted that any change happened. I do not relish the idea of that happening again, but it may be inevitable.

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