Prosser “wins”! And Kloppenburg “will weigh whether to request a recount” (?)

What’s to “weigh”? Why wouldn’t she?

There are three reasons I can think of:

1. She’s being very careful not to look like a “sore loser,” but will request a recount.

2. She woke up next to a horse’s head this morning.

3. She can’t believe the race was stolen.

I vote for #1, since that’s what I prefer to think is going on.


County tallies show conservative wins re-election in hotly contested Wis. Supreme Court race
Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A conservative justice has weathered attempts to link him to Wisconsin’s governor and a divisive union rights law to win re-election, according to county vote totals finalized Friday.

Tallies from each of the state’s 72 counties show Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,316 votes. State election officials said they will wait to declare an official winner until the deadline for Kloppenburg to seek a recount passes. She has until Wednesday to call for one.

If she does, the state would pay for it because the margin between the candidates is less than a half of a percent of the total 1,497,330 votes cast.

Kloppenburg issued a statement that said only that her campaign would weigh whether to request a recount and she would make an announcement no later than Wednesday.

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