Prosser “up” by over 7,000 “votes,” b/c Koch’s “movement” really needs him

How long will it take the Democrats to tumble to what’s really going on?

Judging from their record of the last 10+ years, I’m thinking it will take forever.


Scott Walker’s Attorney Says Justice David Prosser Is Vital to Anti-Worker Agenda
Wednesday 6 April 2011
by: Travis Waldron, ThinkProgress

The success of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-worker agenda is hinging on the outcome of the state Supreme Court election, according to an e-mail sent to Walker’s supporters by his chief counsel, Brian Hagedorn.

The race is currently too close to call, with challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg holding a 309-vote lead over Walker ally Justice David Prosser with five precincts left to report.

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