Progressive pundits hail their VICTORY in Wisconsin! (Oops….)

I know and like these guys, but it’s really past time they woke up….



Victory in Wisconsin – Elections Were a Referendum on Walker

1. Victory in Wisconsin (Bold Progressives)
2. Kloppenburg Declares Victory Over Prosser in Wisconsin
Supreme Court Election (John Nichols in The Nation)
3. Wisconsin’s Elections Were a Referendum on Walker
(Matthew Rothschild in The Progressive)


Victory in Wisconsin

Bold Progressives

BREAKING NEWS: We did it!! Together, progressives defeated
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s choice for state Supreme
Court — and won back the “swing” vote that could soon
decide whether Walker’s anti-worker bill is illegal.


Kloppenburg Declares Victory Over Prosser in Wisconsin
Supreme Court Election

by John Nichols

Unknown sixth months ago, unviable six weeks ago, first-time candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg declared victory Wednesday in her challenge to a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice closely aligned with Governor Scott Walker.

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It was a narrow but stunning upset win for Kloppenburg-204 votes out of almost1.5 million cast-that is all but certain to lead to a recount fight.


Wisconsin’s Elections Were a Referendum on Walker

By Matthew Rothschild

We had quite an election in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

The turnout was enormous for a spring election, and all eyes were on the state supreme court race, which pitted the incumbent justice, conservative David Prosser, who is closely allied with Governor Walker, against JoAnne Kloppenburg, an old friend and neighbor of mine. She is a wise and kind person and an experienced assistant AG, but she had no name recognition going in.

Amazingly, the race was neck and neck all night long and even as I speak the eventual winner is unclear and it seems all but certain that there will be a recount.

2 thoughts on “Progressive pundits hail their VICTORY in Wisconsin! (Oops….)”

  1. Guess what? I just found approximately 2 million ballots in my garage leftover from the 2000 election. They are all for Gore! Think we can count them?

    If there is no paper trail (which is what Kathy Nickolaus said today) for the ‘missing computerized votes’ that were ‘found’ by the county clerk, they should be disallowed- no paper trail, the votes should be discarded. Why is there never a paper trail? And why does computerized theft of elections never surprise me, but is always too brutal a subject to be discussed by government and progressives as well? Why are people so afraid of standing up?

  2. how many times does a republican secretary of state have to steal an election before the job becomes apolitical? it has happened so many times in the past 50 years of my adult life it makes me sick. this time they had to go out on a limb and make it a huge amount, so they wouldn’t trigger a recount.

    sick sick country,

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