“Only a cheater who’s a moron would use a recount-detectable method” (Paul Lehto)

Two important points from Paul Lehto:

Why does Prosser want a recount ONLY IN WAUKESHA?

Mark, here’s my answer, which you can forward if you wish:

1. Waukesha’s friendly territory, controlled by friendlies, and highly
likely to hold up in a recount, especially considering the fact that
stuffed ballot-boxes can be counted and then recounted a million
times with excellent counting skills and they will always match even
though the election is clearly fraudulent with a stuffed ballot box.

In other words, any fraud PRIOR to the FIRST count that is something
other than an arithmetical error, or an error in reading or interpreting
ballots, is never detected by a recount process. Recounts only detect
a narrow slice of fraud and error, yet people think they are somehow
a real test.

Only a cheater who’s a moron would use a recount-detectable method.

2. In the highly unlikely event a recount goes south in Waukesha
County, or uncovers something bad, such partial county-wide recounts
(whether only in Waukesha or in several other counties too) are
unconstitutional; and so they cannot alter the election results because
partial recounts will be voided out or stopped by courts.

Partial recounts in a small handful of counties are precisely what Al
Gore’s opening gambit was in Florida 2000. But in Florida 2000, even
the Florida state courts thought that those partial recounts were
unconstitutional violations of equal protection. In the post-Bush v.
Gore world, they most certainly are unconstitutional because partial
recounts give “greater dignity” to certain counties’ ballots compared
to other counties’ ballots (i.e. some get special attention via
recounts, while other counties’ ballots do not).

In Bush v Gore, it was the US Supreme Court that nixed the full
statewide recount, but still on grounds that it was partial, looking
at undervotes but not overvotes, and so forth. Constitutionally, it
is all or nothing regarding recounts (and no guarantees that the
SCOTUS would approve a review of “all,” given their record).

Paul Lehto, J.D.

One thought on ““Only a cheater who’s a moron would use a recount-detectable method” (Paul Lehto)”

  1. I am learning more everyday about how fragile and flawed our vote counting methods are. The procedures in place are designed to disenfranchise me and millions of other liberals throughout the country.

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