OH “Gov.” Kasich, who owes it all to Diebold, gives them a tax break to stay put

Having “elected” Kasich–and so many others who were really not elected–Diebold now gets, from the “Governor,” a nice inducement not to leave Ohio. So now the the company will consolidate, and build imposing new headquarters “the the Akron-Canton area.”

That’s where Mike Connell lived, and where his plane went down on Dec. 19, 2008–conveniently enough for Karl Rove, who for years had used him to steal elections electronically, and who had reason to be worried that his old associate might talk. (For more, just do a Google search on Connell, Rove, 2004, GovTech Solutions and Triad.)


Kasich announces tax break to keep Diebold here
By Robert Wang
CantonRep.com staff writer

Diebold said Tuesday it had considered moving its headquarters and most of its local offices out of Ohio, but it would instead consolidate five of its seven area locations at a yet-to-be disclosed site in the Akron-Canton area.

Gov. John Kasich appeared at Diebold’s headquarters here Tuesday afternoon to announce that the company had accepted his administration’s offer of a $56 million package of tax credits, loans and grants to induce the company to stay.

“For the folks that are located in Akron, Canton (and) Green, this is a big save,” said Kasich.

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