Now that BP’s “spill” is ancient history, Big Oil’s ready to drill deep again!

Imagine if BP’s apocalyptic “spill,” and then the nuclear disaster in Japan, had happened under Bush & Co.

Now imagine that administration waiting just one year before allowing Big Oil to resume deep-water drilling, and sticking with its plan for US nuclear expansion.

Wouldn’t everyone be (rightly) freaking out?

Is anybody freaking out about what this administration’s doing?


Experts Fear Another Oil Disaster

NEW ORLEANS — With everything Big Oil and the government have learned in the year since the Gulf of Mexico disaster, could it happen again? Absolutely, according to an Associated Press examination of the industry and interviews with experts on the perils of deep-sea drilling.

The government has given the OK for oil exploration in treacherously deep waters to resume, saying it is confident such drilling can be done safely. The industry has given similar assurances. But there are still serious questions in some quarters about whether the lessons of the BP oil spill have been applied.

The industry “is ill-prepared at the least,” said Charles Perrow, a Yale University professor specializing in accidents involving high-risk technologies. “I have seen no evidence that they have marshaled containment efforts that are sufficient to deal with another major spill. I don’t think they have found ways to change the corporate culture sufficiently to prevent future accidents.”

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