IN’s GOP governor CANNOT replace GOP SoS charged with… voter fraud!

As Brad notes here, the GOP’s relentless propaganda charge of “Democratic voter fraud”
rings kinda hollow, since it’s Republicans who keep on getting caught committing
voter fraud (and voter registration fraud),

Here Brad mentions, along with Indiana SoS Charlie White, “GOP superstar Ann
Coulter” and Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah. And to that ignominious list
let’s add Mark Jacoby, a Repub operative busted for voter registration fraud in California
back in 2008 (

Let’s also note that Rush Limbaugh, untiring scourge of “Democrat” vote-fraudsters,
himself urged millions of his fellow partisans to skip their own primaries in 2008,
and swear that they were Democrats so they could vote against Barack Obama in
the Democratic primaries. In Ohio, that would be voter fraud—as Limbaugh boasted
gleefully, right on the air.

What matters most about all this is the wild, hateful projectivity of these extremists,
who are themselves the very evil that they keep attacking (just like those countless
homophobic Christianists who end up getting busted with their pants down, in the
strangest places).


Indiana’s GOP Governor Will NOT Get to Appoint a Replacement
for GOP SoS Charged With Voter Fraud
by Brad Friedman

Indiana’s Republican Governor Mitch Daniels will not be able to appoint a replacement for the recently
elected Secretary of State Charlie White, who is currently under indictment for seven felony counts, three
of them — ironically enough for the state’s chief election official — for voter fraud.

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