House votes to abolish Medicare

So that must mean it’s what the people want, right?


US House of Representatives votes to abolish Medicare
By Patrick Martin
16 April 2011

In the most reactionary social policy proposal in recent US history, the House of Representatives voted Friday afternoon to support the abolition of the Medicare program, the government health insurance system for tens of millions of retired and disabled Americans. The 235-193 margin was a near party-line vote, with only four Republicans opposing the bill and no Democrats supporting it.

The vote was to approve an overall budget resolution for fiscal year 2012, which begins October 1. The bill drafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and backed by the entire House Republican leadership calls for $6.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years, with at least $3 trillion of this sum to be handed over to the wealthy in the form of additional tax cuts for the highest income bracket and for corporations.

The budget resolution serves as a framework for the bills that will actually authorize spending for FY 2012 by the various departments of the federal government. Even if passed by both houses of Congress, it is not legally binding and does not go to the White House for the president’s signature to become law. This House version, in any event, has little chance of being passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

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One thought on “House votes to abolish Medicare”

  1. It is time for Democrats and Progressives to stop being so tolerant of these idiots! It is time for us to stand up, fight back and say what we mean, without backing down and looking so timid! The extremist GOP never cares if what they say is a crock–They will defend it to the death! We, on the other side, are far too passive and always interested in compromise, or APPEASEMENT, as I call it! Enough is enough! Maybe, just maybe, if we start acting like we stand for something, we will stop being run over, time and time again!
    If your Senator or Congressional Rep. is opposed to what you believe in, tell them they are fools! STOP BEING SO DAMNED NICE!!!! My best friend’s mom always said, “Treat people the way they treat you!”

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