Hey, where’s TRIG’S birth certificate? Sarah Palin’s NOT his mom, prof argues

What matters most in this intriguing story isn’t that La Palin may have pulled off an astounding hoax. Certainly, that is, if true, amazing (although not as staggering as the GOP’s subversion of US elections since 2000).

What matters most about Prof. Bradford Scharlet’s argument is what it says about the US corporate press, which gladly amplifies the birther yammerings of the nauseous Donald Trump, yet stays tomb-silent on this mystery concerning Sarah Palin. They won’t even mention it, much less look into it (as with the GOP’s election fraud!)—even though Trig Palin’s birth is vaslty more suspicious than Obama’s, as you’ll see here.


Sarah Palin probably staged a gigantic hoax about being Trig’s mother, prof argues

One thought on “Hey, where’s TRIG’S birth certificate? Sarah Palin’s NOT his mom, prof argues”

  1. The photographic evidence is all there and the wild lies aobut the “wild ride” with her own contraditions are there. There has never been a bc produced for Trig. She has gotten away with this for years. What happened to journalistic integrity? Where has it gone? Why won’t anyone besides the bloggers challenge her on her lies nad this unbelievable hoax. Why is she protected?

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