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If you follow News from Underground—via email, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting the blog—I hope that you will help me keep it going with a small donation. We don’t need all that much, as we’re about as lean an operation as they come; but it does cost us something; and so, from time to time, we need to turn to you for help. Right now is such a time. We need your support as soon as possible–this month, in fact–or we will have to close this outlet down.

Now, when I say “a small donation,” I’m not kidding. You can give as little as a buck a month, or two, or three, or five, and pay it automatically, so there’s no hassle. (If, on the other hand, you can afford to give us more, that would be wonderful, since it would help us keep our focus wholly on the news.) Whatever you can do, in these hard times, will mean a lot to us, as it will help us make a difference.

And that’s what we are struggling here to do, by telling you what’s really happening out there, so that you’ll spread the word as well–a gradual, grass-roots process that will help make people see the urgent need for radical reform (some dare call it revolution) on all fronts. What we try to do, under-funded and short-handed as we are, is tell you what nobody else—not even, with a few exceptions, the left/liberal media–is telling you about the corporate and religious right’s apocalyptic war against democracy.

Without you, we can’t do it. With you, we can certainly do that, and thereby help the rest do much, much more, by fighting back at last, until we win.


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