He did NOT meet with Walker, Prosser says, but maybe WAS at Walker’s office (to “request gubernatorial mementoes”)

He “said it was possible”—indeed, “conceivable”—that he “stopped down to the governor’s office.” And if he was there, it “would have been to request gubernatorial mementoes for visiting international students.”

Well, sure! That’s actually a common thing, requesting gubernatorial mementoes for visiting international students. I’m not sure what a “gubernatorial memento” is, exactly, or why “international students” would be “visiting” Judge Prosser’s office, or, for that matter, what kind of “students” would be wanting such “mementoes” in the first place. (How old were they?)

And I also don’t get why the judge would have to “stop down to the governor’s office,” all by his lonesome, to pick up a selection of “mementos” for those kids who came from all those other countries just to meet him. (He doesn’t have a staff? Or what about the chaperones for all those children? Couldn’t one of them have “stopped down” for the “mementoes”?)

Still, there’s no doubt that the judge was doing right by all those “international students” who were “visiting” him (assuming it was him that they were “visiting”), when he “stopped down to the governor’s office” to get them some “gubernatorial mementoes.” They must have been small objects, like, say, gubernatorial keychains, or gubernatorial snow globes, or gubernatorial kazoos, or they would have been too big to fit into the shopping bag or shoe box that Judge Prosser used to carry them away, since he had no staffer with him.

Small as they were, though, it’s the thought that counts. So, even though Judge Prosser didn’t have the pleasure of encountering Scott Walker in Scott Walker’s office on the day after Election Day, he sure did the right thing when he stopped down there.


Prosser: No meeting with governor, but possibly at office

In an interview with WKOW27 News, state supreme court justice David Prosser denied meeting with Governor Walker the day after voters decided between Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in a hotly-contested race, but said it was possible he was at the governor’s office.

“It is conceivable that during that week, I stopped down to the governor’s office,” Prosser told WKOW27 News.

Prosser told WKOW27 News any visit would have been to request gubernatorial mementoes for visiting international students.

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