“Gov.” Kasich STOLE it in Ohio; & now he’s disenfranchising MORE voters there (& smashing unions)

Check this out:

“Unadjusted exit polls are the gold standard in uncovering election fraud. Ohio’s 2010 unadjusted election exit poll results showed incumbent Governor Strickland defeating John Kasich by 50.1% to 47.4% of the vote. However, when Kasich won the actual vote on the voting machines provided and serviced by private Republican-connected vendors, then the exit pollsters adjusted the exit poll numbers to match the machine vote count.

“Overwhelmingly, the adjustments are red, or Republican, in terms of a beneficial shift in what voters are saying when they exit the polls and what the Republican-connected voting equipment company machines are reporting.”

That’s from “How the Democrats Have Lost Ohio and the Presidency,” by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, which ran on HuffPost on Dec. 14 of last year:



Unions and the ballot under attack in Ohio
by Bob Fitrakis

Jim Gilbert, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Capital City Lodge 9, claims that the Republican Party’s passing of Senate Bill 5 “has woken a sleeping giant.” By a vote of 53-44, the Republican- dominated Ohio Assembly passed Senate Bill 5 on Wednesday, March 30 — to drastically limit collective bargaining for 360,000 public union workers. The new law requires that no salary increases can be based on seniority, only on performance.

The Senate approved the final version by one vote – 17 to 16. Republican representative Louis Blessing told workers “Be glad you have a job.”

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