“Christian” nut who torched Koran wants more dead in Afghanistan

Pastor Who Burned Koran Demands Retribution

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Before a Koran was burned at his modest church here on March 20, the pastor Terry Jones held a self-styled mock trial of the holy book in which he presided from the pulpit as judge. The prosecutor was a Christian who had converted from Islam. An imam from Dallas defended the Koran.

Sitting in judgment was a jury of 12 members of Mr. Jones’s church, the Dove World Outreach Center. After listening to arguments from both sides, the jury pronounced the Koran guilty of five “crimes against humanity,” including the promotion of terrorist acts and “the death, rape and torture of people worldwide whose only crime is not being of the Islamic faith.”

Punishment was determined by the results of an online poll. Besides burning, the options included shredding, drowning and facing a firing squad. Mr. Jones, a nondenominational evangelical pastor, said voters had chosen to set fire to the book, according to a video of the proceedings.

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4 thoughts on ““Christian” nut who torched Koran wants more dead in Afghanistan”

  1. the french and english began the brutal colonization of the mostly-moslem middle east in the 1880s and invited the yanks to join them in the 1940s. some 15 million moslems murdered since then by the good white christians for their ‘prince of peace.’ jewchristianmoslem rabies is terminal.

  2. Freedom of speech, one of the cornerstones of democracy, comes with the duty to be responsible. Jones, so blinded by his need for attention, has played a significant role in stoking hatred which has led to the murders of innocent people. Jones knew, prior to this book-burning, what the effects of those actions would be. He chose to exercise his freedom, but ignored the duty to be responsible. All for attention. He is a pariah!

  3. This “nut” is beginning to sound like a CIA or Homeland Security Operative. Would you REALLY be surprised?

  4. I agree with Joe this is sounding more and more like the USA is looking for another reason for war and what better reason could they use then the killing of innocents. The CIA has used this method for decades. Jones and Smith are common names among the CIA Operatives and the Jones often are on the fringe. I am willing to bet the Federal Government is secretly encouraging him. this guy is a dangerous loon that helped cause the deaths of several innocent people and should be put in jail for Murder.

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