Big election Tuesday in WI–and NO WARNING that the GOP will try to steal it! (Why is that?)

Check this out (from the AP article below):

“[T]he electorate, along with lawmakers, is certain to find deeper meaning in the outcome, said Charles Franklin, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“‘If the Democrats win it sends a strong message to the Republican lawmakers about how aroused the Democratic constituency is,’ he said. ‘Conversely, if Prosser is re-elected it’s a huge win for the Republicans. It shows they can weather the current controversy. It should actually strengthen their resolve.'”

That’s right, of course–and what it means is that Wisconsin’s Democrats are playing
with fire, and likely to get badly burned, if they don’t wake up to the probability that
the Republicans will try (as usual) to steal the race this Tuesday.

Beyond just getting out the vote, the Democrats should be paying very close attention
to all claims of vote suppression, and–even more important–any sign that the
“official” numbers might be wrong. Ideally, they should be conducting their own statewide
exit polls. Failing that, they should be keeping close track of the early (i.e., “unadjusted”)
exit poll results, and matching them against the numbers given by ES&S, Diebold/Premier,
Sequoia and whichever other far-right private companies control the voting system in

And if the good guys “lose,” they–we–absolutely must not take it as a sign that they
were actually defeated.

Scott Walker, John Kasich, Sarah Palin and the rest of them are stone extremists,
supported by a fringe. They’re wildly out of step with the American majority, and have
been all along. They get their power not from the people, but from the corporate press
(which hypes their numbers), the plutocracy (which keeps them going with endless
funds), and, above all, the GOP’s unparalled vote-stealing apparatus, which only
works so well because the Democrats and “liberal media” won’t deal with it.

And why is that? Who knows? At the moment, all we know for sure is that the
stakes of this election are enormous, and that the GOP has stacked the deck–
and that it’s time to face that fact, or just give up and let them stomp all over us.


Tea Party, Labor Spend Big in Wis. High Court Race

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Pro-labor organizations and one of the country’s largest tea party groups are pouring money into Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election in an effort to turn the normally sleepy race into a referendum on the national fight over labor rights.

The attention from conservative and liberal groups has energized voters and set the election on pace to be the most expensive high court race in Wisconsin’s history. Sarah Palin even weighed in via Twitter on Friday, throwing her support behind the incumbent conservative justice.

The candidates, Justice David Prosser and Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, say the race is about their qualifications. But the unusual level of interest has put the union issue front and center and shows passions remain inflamed over Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law, which sparked weeks of angry protests at the Capitol and made Wisconsin the center of the ideological debate over union rights.

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3 thoughts on “Big election Tuesday in WI–and NO WARNING that the GOP will try to steal it! (Why is that?)”

  1. They better hope they don’t steal it. So far this fight has been pretty nice being the people figured they could just beat them at the polls but if they steal it, look out for the violence. Not that many would blame them because the majority of Americans are for fairness if the Republicans stoop to a new low by taken away voters rights,like they did in Florida a few years back, don’t think that is going to weigh very good for them this go around. The middle class will have most Americans behind them to win anyway they can!

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