Bank of America pays NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES? On Monday 4/18, let’s ask them WHY, with US Uncut NYC!



Contact: J.A. Myerson,, 347.688.0241
Twitter: @USuncutNYC


Bank of America (“BoA”) is sending representatives to the main Post Office on tax day to warmly thank the ordinary New Yorkers (including members of the media) for helping to pay its taxes. Even as New York faces billions in budget cuts, Bank of America succeeded in paying zero dollars in federal income taxes for 2010.

Reps will be giving out a tangible (albeit tiny) token of BoA’s gratitude in the form of hard candies (i.e., “suckers”). We believe that it is the most we can do – and who could take issue with the gift’s appropriateness?

BoA representatives will also be available to explain to those who may be confused (and perhaps even mildly annoyed) when they learn that BoA received a $1.9 billion tax CREDIT on net profits of $4.4 billion. Tax advisors well versed in BoA’s world-class evasion techniques will be available to explain in great detail how one of America’s biggest banks managed to pay nothing while everyone else pays their fair share.


WHO: US Uncut NYC and ‘Bank of America’

WHEN: Monday, April 18, 5:00 PM
WHERE: James A. Farley Post Office Building, 421 Eighth Avenue, between 31st Street and 33rd Street

2 thoughts on “Bank of America pays NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES? On Monday 4/18, let’s ask them WHY, with US Uncut NYC!”

  1. The very last line, “…while everyone else pays their fair share.”, is no doubt a reference to the average worker paying a tax on his or her earned income. The presumption that there is anything fair about such a tax in the first place shows how far we are from understanding the true nature of the income tax. Our culture needs to change from “income tax fundamentalists” (true believers) to “income tax agnostics.” There is so much to question about this form of taxation, yet we believe it to be legitimate only because that’s what we’ve been told our entire lives. We need to ask ourselves what we believe and, more importantly, why.

  2. If huge corporations paid taxes, we could easily wipe out our entire national debt, fund totally free education through the university level, provide free health care for everyone in America, and take care of our elderly and poor. And that would be fine for the poor and middle classes. But did you ever stop to consider the needs of the corporations? I mean come on, it’s the poor this and the poor that, and oh, we have to make sure our children get educated, but because NO ONE is considering the needs of the wealthy, they have to look out for themselves and pay no taxes. And come on, let’s be fair: if you don’t like the way that the multimillionaires and billionaires are behaving, all you have to do is make your own hundreds of millions or billions, and behave differently.

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