ALERT! Something’s rotten in the state of Wisconsin…

From a friend:

Hi, all,

Latest is still @ 50%/50% w/ only a few more precincts checking in….

  • pretty blatant to me
  • this is a hotly contested race where the legality of whether Walker proposed budget plan is in question or not…..and whoever wins will decide the case!
  • lots of polls overwhelmed w/ people yesterday
  • many precincts ran out of ballots
  • ALL night totals kept going back & forth
  • closely watch Milwaukee where Klopperberg has much support & it doesn’t show that in the numbers from AP link
  • have sent many there in Wisconsin the idea to do HAND COUNTS for the recount

Oh Brother…

One thought on “ALERT! Something’s rotten in the state of Wisconsin…”

  1. A big difference in the support that Chris Abele received in Milwaukee County and the support received across the entire state of Wisconsin hardly in itself proves fraud. There are very big differences between the history and political culture of Milwaukee County and that of the state of Wisconsin in its entirety, and there were huge differences in the resources available to the Supreme Court candidates and those available to both Abele and Jeff Stone.

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