A strong—but incomplete—NYTimes editorial on “the Republican threat to voting”

If that newspaper would now stop denying that election fraud is just as grave a threat to our “democracy” as vote suppression, we’d be on our way toward setting up a voting system that is not a big bad joke, which has the likes of Koch and Rove all laughing at the rest of us,

But as the Times is silent on that subject, as they have been all along, they are themselves complicit with that zealous anti-democratic movement which they nail so powerfully (but incompletely) here.


The Republican Threat to Voting

Less than a year before the 2012 presidential voting begins, Republican legislatures and governors across the country are rewriting voting laws to make it much harder for the young, the poor and African-Americans – groups that typically vote Democratic – to cast a ballot.

Spreading fear of a nonexistent flood of voter fraud, they are demanding that citizens be required to show a government-issued identification before they are allowed to vote.

Republicans have been pushing these changes for years, but now more than two-thirds of the states have adopted or are considering such laws. The Advancement Project, an advocacy group of civil rights lawyers, correctly describes the push as “the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century.”

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