A federal probe of Waukesha vote-count? “Preposterous,” says David Prosser

He’s not lying. In his universe, that idea is preposterous–and so’s democracy!


Prosser: Idea of federal probe “preposterous”

MADISON (WKOW) — During an interview with WKOW 27 News, state supreme court justice David Prosser called the idea of a federal probe into Waukesha County vote-counting in his race against challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg “preposterous.”

Prosser also told WKOW 27 News he would make no declaration of victory, at least until a canvass of all vote totals and certification of votes are submitted by all counties to the state government accountability board.

Prosser’s lead over Kloppenburg is just under seven thousand votes. Unofficial vote totals reported by the Associated Press the day after last week’s election showed Kloppenburg leading by 204 votes, but the outcome was reversed when Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus revealed she failed to report the city of Brookfield’s more than 14,000 votes in her county’s unofficial vote total, blaming her failure to save the data to her work computer.

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