400,000 votes still missing from WI state data (Bev Harris )

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Wisconsin, 4/11
Bev Harris

I’ve been buried in e-mails, phone calls and urgent cries for help regarding the strange saga of the Wisconsin Spring 2011 Supreme Court race. Early results separated David T. Prosser Jr. from Joanne Kloppenburg by just a hair, in a controversial high profile race characterized by polarized commentary on both right and left. Then the surprise late entry of 14,326 Brookfield votes tipped the race to Prosser and out of reach of a recount. Barely.

If the late Brookfield votes just coincidentally blocked a state-paid recount, scrutiny is appropriate. I wanted to know the exact number of votes needed for that magic recount number.

I downloaded the detailed election results spreadsheet from the state of Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) Website. The spreadsheet is time-stamped Friday, April 08, 2011 4:11:14 PM, nearly 24 hours after the Brookfield votes came in.

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4 thoughts on “400,000 votes still missing from WI state data (Bev Harris )”

  1. This is one that we MUST pursue! We cannot just let it go, to be written about for years and years to come. We need to get to the bottom of this one NOW!

    How many times are we going to let this happen? Why even vote, if our votes are not even counted? We cannot let the scandals continue! Time for the criminals to go to jail!

  2. I’m sticking with my contention that the focal point for fraud is in Winnebago County. Only 9,000 votes, give or take, in Fond du Lac, which is bigger than Brookfield, home of the 14,000 missing votes. A few hours before those votes appeared, the recall petitions for Randy Hopper were delivered to the GAB in Madison. Randy only won by a few hundred votes as it is, yet Prosser prevailed. Winnebago County is a major hub of state institutions and public workers. If I was looking for the improbable, I’d look there.

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