Why is “Frontline” helping with the US propaganda job on Bradley Manning?

What’s Wrong With Tonight’s ‘Frontline’ on ‘The Private Life of Bradley Manning’
by Greg Mitchell

This morning, PBS Frontline scooped itself, posting online its promised 10-minute segment for tonight’s show on Bradley Manning’s early years, or as it’s billed (wink, wink) “The Private Life of Bradley Manning.” Also posted are a timeline, never before seen photos, part of an interview with his father, and a 911 call from a heated dispute with his father and stepmother in 2006 — the only fresh revelation in the entire segment.

The segment closes with a title card that simply reports that Manning is currently being held in the brig at Quantico — without describing the conditions he is held under, or mentioning that this has been roundly denounced by human rights organizations, top newspaper editorials and even Hillary Clinton’s top spokesman at the State Department (who lost his job after protesting). In fact, the top story related to Manning yesterday was that spokesman, P.J. Crowley, repeating his protest — and Shep Smith at Fox News agreeing with him.

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