Who calls up Rush/Beck/Hannity? Real grass-roots conservatives? No, ACTORS!

Radio Daze
This week’s parasha introduces a medium for distinguishing truth from falsehood. On the radio, where actors are hired to read scripts and pretend to be real people, things aren’t so simple.

Last year, a young man called in to a radio station with a problem. He’d recently attended a bachelor party, he said, and a friend of the groom-to-be, clueless of the unwritten etiquette of maledom, brought his girlfriend along, derailing what was supposed to be a weekend of gambling, girls, and general debauchery. The caller told his story with passion and verve, and then asked the station’s listeners for their advice on how to treat his clueless pal.

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One thought on “Who calls up Rush/Beck/Hannity? Real grass-roots conservatives? No, ACTORS!”

  1. There is thus far no proof actors called political shows, though it is being speculated, it is not quite deserving confirmation in your headline.

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