What really happened to the Sixties? Ted Morgan speaks in NYC! (VIDEO)

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I found this misnamed. You answered the question “What happened TO the sixties” by addressing “What happened IN the sixties” I participated in a sit in in 1949 and continued to work for civil rights. I opposed the Vietnam war from the very beginning. So I know about what happened and after almost an hour gave up on this presentation telling me what happened TO the sixties. What a waste of time.
So who is the target audience for this video? Certainly not me!!

What happened to the Sixties? 1. Assassinations of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, John Lennon= terrorism against the left, which is ongoing. 2. Militaristic-corporate-media understanding that the Sixties were inimical to the corporate state leads to ongoing campaign to prevent the Sixties from ever happening again; another way of saying this is the Billionaires were frightened by the anti-capitalist features of the Sixties. 3. Billionaires form think tanks and “Talk Radio” to overwhelm voice of the left.

The Sixties represented freedom and freedom from the corporate state (which we called “plastic”).

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