What does fracking have to do with Fukushima? Everything…

From Arthur Waskow:

Fracking & Fukushima:
The Obscene Effort to Subjugate the Earth

What is just happening in Japan and what is on the verge of happening in Pennsylvania have a
deep connection.

In the one, it might seem that disaster flowed from a small-scale decision: that it was “impossible”
for a tsunami to get higher than x feet. That decision led to placement of emergency generators for
the nuclear power plants in ways that made them vulnerable to being knocked out when a monster tsunami did in fact sweep across northern Japan.

Result: already as I write (5:30 a.m., Eastern US time, Tuesday March 15) radiation at medium levels is venting onto nearby regions of Japan, carrying the seeds of cancer and death that have forced the Prime Minister to tell residents to stay indoors. In the next week, God forbid, there may be a full melt-down of one or more of the damaged plants, rendering large areas of Japan (and possibly Korea, depending on wind currents) as uninhabitable as the Chernobyl melt-down rendered parts of Ukraine, while increasing the rate of cancer deaths in a larger swathe of Europe.

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