WH forces US spokesman to quit for condemning torture of Brad Manning (2 items)

WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning
By Glenn Greenwald

On Friday, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley denounced the conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention as “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid,” forcing President Obama to address those comments in a Press Conference and defend the treatment of Manning. Today,CNN reports, Crowley has “abruptly resigned” under “pressure from White House officials because of controversial comments he made last week about the Bradley Manning case.” In other words, he was forced to “resign” — i.e., fired.

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Wikileaks row: US spokesman Crowley quits over gaffe

US state department spokesman PJ Crowley has resigned after calling the treatment of the man accused of leaking secret cables to Wikileaks “stupid”.

He said he was taking responsibility for the impact of his remarks about Bradley Manning.

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