Walker’s budget cuts Planned Parenthood, targets contraception centers

Walker’s Budget Defunds Planned Parenthood, Targets Contraception Access
by Amanda Terkel

WASHINGTON — While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) continues to wait out the state’s
Senate Democrats on his budget bill that would strip collective bargaining rights from public employee unions, a growing number of Wisconsin’s abortion-rights advocates worry that they have become his next target.

In 2009, Wisconsin passed a “contraceptive equity” law that requires health insurance plans in the state that cover prescription drugs to include contraceptives. Proponents argued that the measure was necessary to ensure that commercial health providers — who cover approximately one-third of the state’s residents — don’t discriminate against women. “Contraceptive Equity is about fairness, preventing gender discrimination, and access to basic health care,” reads a statement on the website for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

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