US is carrying out “a persecution” of Assange, says venerable NYTimes lawyer

The Nation’s WikiLeak blog today links to my article on WikiLeaks as follows:

The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for TuesdayDay 108
Greg Mitchell

10:35 Important piece in NY Law Journal by longtime NYT counsel (going back to Pentagon Papers) James Goodale. “The Justice Department is on what lawyers call a “fishing expedition.They are looking desperately for any evidence to construct a case….And so, what started off as a putative prosecution of Assange, has turned into a persecution…..If The New York Times is a publisher protected by the First Amendment, so is Assange and if Assange were indicted, the Justice Department would therefore run into the road blocks put up by the First Amendment, in addition to those discussed above.” Still, he expects the U.S. to continue to push, using the grand jury in Alexandria, Va.

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