That David Koch is a trustee at WGBH, Boston’s PBS station, is… problematic!

Tea Party-Funding David H. Koch: Trustee at Boston PBS Station?

David H. Koch is many things — billionaire, Tea Party funder, general party thrower. But there’s one totally unexpected position Koch holds: trustee at WGBH Boston, PBS’s largest affiliate and producer. This is curious in itself, particularly considering many of Koch’s cronies in Congress want to totally defund PBS. But even more interesting is the fact that WGBH’s union is currently embroiled in some of its own bargaining trouble… an eyebrow-raiser under the auspices of a vigorous union-buster. The Boston Phoenix reports:

WGBH is in the midst of its own labor problems. The Boston Globe reported earlier today that negotiations between WGBH management and nearly 300 union writers, producers, and editors are deteriorating quickly. Yet there’s been no mention in the media that Koch — a vicious adversary of employee unions — sits on the station’s board. (The Phoenix mentioned it years ago, but only because Koch’s brother Bill was spending millions to “protect” Nantucket Sound from wind farms.)…

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