Take action NOW to stop Ohio Repubs’ killer voter-ID bill!

The full text of HB1 is here:http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_HB_159



Dear Activist,

Republicans are leaving nothing untouched. With Senate Bill 5, they’re going after middle class pocketbooks and Main Street businesses. With Gov. Kasich’s pass-the-buck state budget, they’re going after public safety and services like education and public libraries. And now, with House Bill 159, they’re coming after one of the most American of rights: the right to cast our vote in free and fair elections.

House Bill 159 is a draconian voter ID bill that makes it harder for Ohioans to vote. As OSU elections Daniel Tokaji expert put it, with House Bill 159, “Ohio House Republicans are attempting to go further than Blackwell ever dared.”

We need you to take action NOW to stop this bill. Please call the bill’s sponsor, Republican State Rep. Bob Mecklenborg, at (614) 466-8258 and tell him you OPPOSE House Bill 159.

Make no mistake: Republicans are trying to make it harder for Democrats to vote, because this bill targets students, minorities and low-income voters. We saw Republicans infringe on our right to vote in 2004, and now that they’re back in power, they want to do it again. We MUST stop them.

The House Elections committee is expected to vote on this bill TOMORROW. By rushing this bill through, the Republicans are shutting Ohioans out of the legislative process. We must take action now. Call Republican State Rep. Bob Mecklenborg’s office RIGHT NOW at (614) 466-8258 and make your voice heard. Tell him you oppose House Bill 159.

Thank you for your activism,

The Ohio Democratic Party

3 thoughts on “Take action NOW to stop Ohio Repubs’ killer voter-ID bill!”

  1. 32 GOP state legislaures are currently pending legislation that the Brennan Center for Justice feels could disenfranchise about 3 million voters. The legislation is targeted at voters who likely vote Democrat. They are students, the elderly, disabled and the poor.
    Everyone needs to check to see if your state is doing the same.

  2. This bill has now passed and by the time we get these clowns out of office, the entire landscape of this country will have changed. These prohibitive, archaic laws are designed to do away with voting, on all levels.

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