“Slight increases in radiation” found in CA & Washington State, whispers EPA

Radioactive Isotope Detected in California
By Tennille Tracy

WASHINGTON-U.S. officials detected the presence of a radioactive isotope in California on Friday that appeared to come from the Fukushima nuclear-power plant in Japan, but the levels they detected were minuscule-far less than a person would normally receive from the sun, rocks or other natural sources.

U.S. officials say the levels are consistent with their expectations and pose no risk to human health.
The Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department said in a statement a radiation monitor in Sacramento, Calif., detected minuscule quantities of the radioactive isotope xenon-133. The readings validated similar ones from March 16 and 17 taken from monitors in Washington state, they said.

The agencies said the radioactive isotope appears to have come from the Japanese power plant damaged in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami there. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said earlier in the week he believed a “partial meltdown” had occurred at the plant.

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EPA measures slight radiation increases in Sacramento
By Matt Weiser

A monitor in Sacramento maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today showed slight increases in radiation from sources that are likely from troubled nuclear energy reactors in Japan.

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One thought on ““Slight increases in radiation” found in CA & Washington State, whispers EPA”

  1. And where do we find this data online from a government agency??? I want to see the raw data. I could care less if it is being called low level. I went to CDC, EPA blah blah blah…and it’s the “don’t worry be happy” crap. Data chumps, data.

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