RECALL Scott Walker? How? With the same e-voting system that “elected” him?

Despite opposition from three quarters of Wisconsinites, last night Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate rammed through their bill attacking working families. This attack is not just about Wisconsin … it’s an attack on working Americans throughout the country, driven by ideology and powerful corporate interests.

Last night’s one-party vote was a vote against the people who teach our kids to read, who plow our roads during blizzards, who help us when we’re sick and who rush into burning buildings. Last night, they gave up any pretense that their agenda has anything to do with the budget — these provisions are just an all-out attack on the rights of hard-working people.


Dear William,

Last night, Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate did an end-run around the rules to strike a death blow to workers’ rights in that state.

According to the Senate rules, the Democratic Senators who left the state to prevent movement of the Governor’s budget plan were able to stop that bill because it was a budget bill that included spending. So, last night in a sneaky, thoroughly anti-democratic move which some are saying could be illegal, the Republican Senators took the provision that guts workers’ collective bargaining rights and passed it as a standalone bill.

Tell Wisconsin GOP: “Not on our watch!” … and the first critical step to doing that: RECALL.

Please make an emergency contribution to our campaign to RECALL the eight Republican Wisconsin Senators who are eligible for recall elections this year.

We MUST send the message to right-wing bullies in Wisconsin and every state that there is a price for waging war on American workers and the very rights that make this country great and that built the middle class.

What the Wisconsin GOP did last night was also an attack on the democratic process. Now, let’s show them what democracy is really all about and hold them accountable at the voting booth.

Help us recall these Senators and replace them with lawmakers who will stand up for working families, who will stand up for their constituents and their fundamental rights.

Please, if there ever was a time to invest in democracy and give your money to a worthy cause, now is that time. Donate to our campaign to recall the Republican 8.

Thanks for all you do and for all your great support. It’s needed now more than ever.


Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

P.S. Passing the union-busting part of Gov. Walker’s plan as a stand-alone, non-fiscal measure exposes the lie that the attack on workers’ rights had anything whatsoever to do with saving money and fixing the budget. This assault was driven by ideology and politics all along — and we won’t let this undemocratic overreach stand. Help us recall the Republican 8 with a contribution now.

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