Radiation spiking in Japan

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26 Mar 2011 http://www.legitgov.org

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Stricken nuclear plant’s No.3 reactor ‘may have cracked’ as Fukushima Fifty workers are treated for radiation contamination –Exposed to 10,000 times the safe maximum –Two Japanese travellers ‘seriously exceed’ safe radiation levels in China –Other workers exposed to 3,000 per cent more radiation than normal 25 Mar 2011 Some of the so called ‘Fukushima Fifty’ have been exposed to 10,000 times the normal amount of radiation as they battle to cool and restore power to the damaged nuclear plant, according to the Japan nuclear and industrial safety agency. While the official death toll of the earthquake and resulting tsunami reached 10,000, many of the workers at Fukushima Dai-ichi, who have also been dubbed the Atomic Samurai, were taken to hospital after coming in to contact with contaminated water. Three men were scorched when knee-deep water sloshed down their boots and the contamination is believed to have come from one of the plant’s six reactors – reactor 3 – which is thought to have been cracked.


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