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26 Mar 2011

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Nuclear leak in Japan quake reactor causes radiation levels to rocket 1,250 times normal level in surrounding seawater –U.S. naval barges rush freshwater towards stricken Japanese plant –Safety concerns in California as scare alert leaves West Coast at risk 26 Mar 2011 Radiation levels are soaring in seawater near the crippled Fukushima plant core, Japanese nuclear safety officials warned today. Two weeks after the nuclear power plant was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami, tests on Friday showed radioactive iodine had spiked 1,250 times higher than normal in the seawater just offshore the plant. The latest setback in preventing further leakage was confirmed as engineers tried to pump puddles of radioactive water from the power plant 150 miles north of Tokyo.
Stricken nuclear plant’s No.3 reactor ‘may have cracked’ as Fukushima Fifty workers are treated for radiation contamination –Exposed to 10,000 times the safe maximum –Two Japanese travellers ‘seriously exceed’ safe radiation levels in China –Other workers exposed to 3,000 per cent more radiation than normal 25 Mar 2011 Some of the so called ‘Fukushima Fifty’ have been exposed to 10,000 times the normal amount of radiation as they battle to cool and restore power to the damaged nuclear plant, according to the Japan nuclear and industrial safety agency. While the official death toll of the earthquake and resulting tsunami reached 10,000, many of the workers at Fukushima Dai-ichi, who have also been dubbed the Atomic Samurai, were taken to hospital after coming in to contact with contaminated water. Three men were scorched when knee-deep water sloshed down their boots and the contamination is believed to have come from one of the plant’s six reactors – reactor 3 – which is thought to have been cracked.

Japanese treated for radiation in China 25 Mar 2011 Two Japanese travellers have been hospitalised in China with“severe” radiation levels after they arrived on a commercial airliner from Tokyo, China’s safety watchdog said. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said radiation levels that “seriously exceeded limits” were detected on the two when they arrived in the eastern city of Wuxi on Wednesday.

High radiation levels at Japanese plant raise new worry 25 Mar 2011 Highly radioactive water has been found at a second reactor at a crippled nuclear power station in Japan, the plant’s operator said, as fears of contamination escalated two weeks after a huge earthquake and tsunami battered the complex. Underscoring growing international concern about nuclear power raised by the accident in northeast Japan, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement it was time to reassess the international nuclear safety regime.

Residents feel isolated in movement-restricted areas near nuke plant 26 Mar 2011 While residents who live closest to the troubled nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture have evacuated, those who have remained in a movement-restricted area 20 to 30 kilometers away from the plant say they are feeling increasingly “isolated.” Towns were abandoned by many people apparently scared by the government’s instruction to shelter indoors for fear of radiation exposure, local people said. Deliveries of daily necessities from outside the region have been made difficult as transport companies are apparently refusing to access the area.

Singapore bans some Japan foods on radiation fears 24 Mar 2011 Singapore has banned the sale of some foods from four Japanese prefectures over concerns about radiation. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority said in a statement Thursday that it stopped the sale of milk, milk products, fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma prefectures. The AVA said it was following similar measures by the U.S. and Australia after Japan’s health ministry said high radioactivity levels had been detected in raw milk and vegetables from the four prefectures.


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