Partial Nuclear Meltdown in 3 Reactors, Precursor to Worst Case Scenario

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14 Mar 2011
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Partial Nuclear Meltdown in 3 Reactors, Precursor to Worst Case Scenario –Fuel rods in earthquake-damaged Japanese nuclear reactor have become exposed again, Kyodo News agency reports. 14 Mar 2011 Water levels dropped precipitously Monday inside a stricken Japanese nuclear reactor, twice leaving the uranium fuel rods completely exposed and raising the threat of a meltdown, hours after a hydrogen explosion tore through the building housing a different reactor. Water levels were restored after the first decrease but the rods remained exposed late Monday night after the second episode, increasing the risk of the spread of radiation and the potential for an eventual meltdown. (AP) [This story will be updated.]

Operators won’t rule out nuclear meltdown 15 Mar 2011 The nuclear emergency in Japan following Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami has worsened, with the operators of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant warning they are fighting to prevent a meltdown. But as Japan struggles to deal with the disaster, which is feared to have killed more than 10,000 people, government officials are playing down the nuclear concerns, insisting the situation is under control. Engineers are battling to cool three nuclear reactors at the ageing Fukushima plant, located 250 kilometres north-east of Tokyo, amid fears of a nuclear disaster.

Reactor Fuel Rods May Be Melting After Exposed a Second Time 14 Mar 2011 Tokyo Electric Power Co. can’t rule out that the fuel rods are melting at the Fukushima Dai Ichi No. 2 reactor, heightening the risk of a meltdown, after water levels dropped, exposing them a second time. An air flow gauge was accidentally turned off causing air pressure into the reactor to rise suddenly and blocking the flow of cooling water, the company said in a press conference on national broadcaster NHK’s website. Tokyo Electric is now attempting to reopen the valve to release pressure building inside the reactor and inject water to cool the rods, the company said.

Finland: Hundreds of reports of harm from swine flu shots 14 Mar 2011 The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has received 69 reports of narcolepsy or catalepsy attributed to last winter’s vaccine campaign against the H1N1, or swine flu virus. In all, THL has received around 900 reports of complications arising from the flu shots, nearly 200 of which have been categorised as serious.

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