Ohio Repubs pass new Jim Crow “voter ID” law to disenfranchise 900,000 voters

Ohio Republicans pass new Jim Crow law disenfranchising 900,000 voters
Bob Fitrakis

While Ohio public employees’ rights to bargain collectively are under siege, the Ohio Republican Party executed a perfect sleight of hand by disenfranchising nearly 900,000 Ohio voters. In the most vicious and direct attack on voting rights since Bull Connor ran amok in the deep South, Ohio House Republicans passed HB 159 that requires Ohio voters to produce one of four state photo IDs at the polls.

The only IDs that will be accepted in Ohio if this bill passes the overwhelming Republican State Senate are a U.S. passport, a U.S. military ID, an Ohio driver’s license, or an Ohio state ID. This is the most restrictive standard in the nation.

The Republican Party’s target is obvious. Studies indicate that 25% of African Americans nationwide do not have a government-issued photo ID, 18% of voters over age 65 do not have a photo ID, and 15% of voters with incomes under $35,000 lack the ID as well. Besides going after blacks, the elderly and the poor, the bill also sets its sights on college students. What do these people have in common? They tend to vote Democratic.

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6 thoughts on “Ohio Repubs pass new Jim Crow “voter ID” law to disenfranchise 900,000 voters”

  1. This legislation is not unique to Ohio. Kansas, North and South Carolina and Alabama are all seeking to do the same. Some are proposing and passing even more onerous voter restrictions. They are Colorado,Kansas, and Tennessee. They will require proof of citizenship. New Hampshire, though, may be the biggest scandal in its efforts to stop students from voting. In all, 32 states are involved in this attempt to disenfranchise.
    Contact your state legislators! There is no excuse for complacency here. If you want to be able to cast a ballot, you must speak up!

  2. Not hard — wanna vote ? Get a proper ID so you can only vote once and can legally vote. You should have to prove citizenship. We dont need every illegal alien voteing. Oh no wait the Dem do

  3. Billy,
    Why don’t you do some research on voter fraud before you leave a comment that shows you are ignorant of the facts. Watch the videos! Educate youeself! •GOP extremists run our voting system–& if we don’t face it, we’re dead meat (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

  4. Still if you want to vote obey the law and get an ID you have to have a ID for everything. Can you drive without one, can you just walk up and sign up for SS without one, can you draw welfare without one, No you cant only the crooks want to get by without an id

    and Jillian who put the videos out The Dem have been running the country and we would have been dead meat had it not been for the last election. Long live those GOP extremists as you call them. Lots better than Obama Pelosi and Reed

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