MSM keeps grinding out Big Lies about the public workers unions

Public Employee Unions Don’t Get One Penny from Taxpayers and Can’t Require Membership, But the Big Lie That They Do Is Everywhere
Nobody has to belong to a union or support its political activities, but you’d never know that from reading the news.
AlterNet / by Joshua Holland

March 5, 2011 | Let us begin with this simple, indisputable truth: public employees’ unions don’t get a single red cent from taxpayers. And they aren’t a mechanism to “force” working people to support Democrats – that’s completely illegal.

Public sector workers are employed by the government, but they are private citizens. Once a private citizen earns a dollar from the sweat of his or her brow, it no longer belongs to his or her employer. In the case of public workers, it is no longer a “taxpayer dollar”; it is a dollar held privately by an American citizen. Public sector unions are financed through the dues paid by these private citizens, who elected to be part of a union – not a single taxpayer dollar is involved, and no worker is forced to join a union against his or her wishes. No worker in the United States is required to give one red cent to support a political cause he or she doesn’t agree with.

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One thought on “MSM keeps grinding out Big Lies about the public workers unions”

  1. Wonderful explanation! But once lies are told, believed and perpetuated, facts are dismissed. I am a strong union supporter, know the truth and defend unions every chance I get. You have presented facts. I just hope that people who rely on truth but have remained silent will begin to speak up and support every worker that wants a chance for a better life. That is the chance that unions provide!

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