MSM blacks out Japan catastrophe, by over-focusing on Fukushima high-tech drama, or even hinting things aren’t quite so bad

For example, ABC and NPR (and Yahoo) have this AP story on their sites (as a side story):

More obstacles impede crews in Japan nuke crisis

That AP story’s also up on Fox’s site, although with this more thrilling headline (and as a side

Workers Struggle to Remove Radioactive Water From Japanese Nuclear Complex

The Wall Street Journal has this different piece (with a headline much the same as Fox’s,
no doubt due to Murdoch’s ownership of both):

Japan Nuclear Workers Struggle With Radioactive Water

And here’s the latest from the New York Times–suitably alarming, and yet it too is over-
focused on what happening (only) at the plant (and, again, as a side story):

Higher Levels of Radiation Found at Japan Reactor Plant

But worse than all that peephole coverage is this AP dispatch–now up on CNN, CBS and MSNBC–implying that things really aren’t as bad as they may seem:

Utility says readings of radioactivity spikes were wrong

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