Michigan firefighters, union members, jam capitol to protest anti-union legislation

Amid shouts from protesters, Michigan Senate sets vote on emergency manager bill

LANSING – With hundreds of union supporters loudly protesting outside their doors, Senate Republicans set up a final vote for Wednesday to give state-appointed emergency managers much greater power to overhaul city or school finances, including termination of employee union contracts.

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One thought on “Michigan firefighters, union members, jam capitol to protest anti-union legislation”

  1. More frightening than the attacks on labor, is the part of this bill that allows the governor to control and disband local governments and school boards. The bill will also allow the governor to appoint corporations to run these cities and towns that HE decides are in fiscal crisis. No more mayors, no more city council, no more school boards on the local level. All because of a trumped up fiscal crisis! The only crisis that is real is the loss of all of our freedom and rights, because GOP governors are making an organized, corporate- financed attempt to intrude in, limit and control everything we do! It is a loss of liberty crisis!

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