4 thoughts on “Kucinich gives ’em holy hell in Madison”

  1. I always liked him until now. I think he needs to stay out of our business. I know now why he didn’t get elected President. LOL

  2. Kucinich is the person we should have as President. He has always defended the rights of the middle class and the poor against the power and influence of special interests, especially corporate interests. Now with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, unless there’s a miracle and the large majority of us citizens can see through the spin and lies of political ads, none but the rich and corporations (and the military industrial complex) stand a chance to have their interests represented in our government – federal, state and local.
    Thank you, Denis Kucinich, for having the courage to speak the truth. I pray you can get re-elected being that those corporate and military-industrial-complex interests are highly unlikely to donate to your campaign fund. So many of us think you are a great American.

  3. I wonder how Dennis Kucinich keeps his spirits up while working with alllll thosssse politicians who are working toward creating and supporting the corporate fascism. Colleagues with those who would rather have war than peace and a monetary system for the rich only. He is a committed man. Thank the creator for him….now what about us….what will we stand for?

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