6 thoughts on “GOP extremists run our voting system–& if we don’t face it, we’re dead meat (MUST-SEE VIDEO)”

  1. I try to address this and raise awareness by posting comments on sites like Alter Net, RSN etc. saying that we can march, protest, make phone calls and so on but until we address the basic issue of electronic voting machines and not having our votes counted as cast, we will only have the illusion of occasional wins and corporate USA will continue rule via their purchased politicians selected by the machines. It is so discouraging to hear you list names of those that could address this issue but don’t.
    I live in NC which is described as having good voter laws however our laws do nothing to truly assure that the vote is counted as cast on the electronic machines. The audits are a pathetic joke and assure that all races that are not state wide will never be audited. I have described it as with the Three Little Pigs. We may be better than a straw house but we only have a straw house that is easily blown down by the electronic voting machines. This is so depressing. I feel empathy with Jonathan Simon.

  2. Susan,
    I agree. The voting machines will be responsible for voiding legitimate votes and deciding elections.

  3. I listened to all the speakers and hearing the truth that elections are being systematically stolen and exit poll data is being adjusted to match the vote tallies is still shocking. Worse, the media and establishment Democrats have just switched off on this topic as you know so well. No one wants to discuss this topic, no one wants to deal with the fact that minority/poor/dem voters are being disenfranchised as if we were living in a Third World country and that vote counts are being fiddled with.

    “Sir, is your staff in a coma?” applies to everyone that is silent on this subject such as The Rachel Maddow show, DemocracyNow, MotherJones, and both the far right, far left.

    Can you provide more info about this particular panel discussion that took place? did you fly out to Ohio or did it take place in NY? Is there more video segments or is the video link above complete?

    Thanks for appearing and providing your excellent analyses.


  4. In response to Katie’s question, the video was shot at The Left Forum in NYC this March. We were assigned a room that was a challenge to find and, while the usual cheerleaders addressed the plenary sessions about the various fine points of the D.O.A. Progressive Agenda, we spoke to a suitably-stunned crowd of 20 or so who managed to find the little room. Thanks to Susan Patzer for filming and extending the reach of our session.

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