Germany’s solar panels yield more power than Japan’s whole Fukushima complex

Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex

Germany is the world leader in installed solar photovoltaic panels — and they also just shut down seven of their oldest nuclear reactors. Coincidence? Maaaaybe … Anyway, it’s worth noting that just today, total power output of Germany’s installed solar PV panels hit 12.1 GW — greater than the total power output (10 GW) of Japan’s entire 6-reactor nuclear power plant.

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5 thoughts on “Germany’s solar panels yield more power than Japan’s whole Fukushima complex”

  1. All new homes built in the U.S. should come standard with solar panels. Maybe anyone thinking of upgrading should invest in solar panels, also. What do don’t use, gets sold back to the local utility companies. It takes awhile, but your investment gets paid back to you! Can’t say that for most other home improvements!

  2. Now this is a wonderful thing. I hope the next phase is to transition in a methane digester in order to capitalize on sewage and other organic products that can be used to create energy from renewable resources at a low cost.

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