2 thoughts on “Fox and others pose as sympathetic journalists to nail Wisconsin protesters”

  1. There seems to be no end to the decietful ways of the GOP and the new right. In a sense, ALL their efforts go towards shameful, covert, and dishonest ways to implement their agenda’s since they have no policy (other than no taxes, permanent war, and to deregulate everything), and no interest in representing the people- just their corporate and military/industrial cronies. FOX , the Koch brothers, and all the others on the extreme right have poisoned the body politic beyond repair and during mankinds and this planets greatest time of need. This is beyond self-interest, or even fascism. I’m sure Prof. Miller knows about this, but in 1944, the then VP of the U.S.A., Henry Wallace wrote a brilliant op-ed piece for the N.Y. Times answering the question, “What is Fascism?”. It’s too long to reproduce here (and I’m too lazy), but you definitely want to look up Henry Wallace and this piece he wrote. It’s brilliant, prophetic, and nails Murdock, and the Koch brothers to the wall.

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